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Pulling the Swag

Another Sneak Peek.
But shhhh... don't tell anyone I'm being sneaky on my blog!  It's one of those things, if I show you in a separate post then I won't overload the post this belongs with...if that makes any sense!
OK lets face it.  The minute we all saw the Prancing Deer and Sleigh this had to happen.  I knew it, you knew it and well all those other creative people knew it.  I have been planning this for weeks!  Recently, Emma over at That's Life had posted one similar as well as countless other crafters. 
I mean, it's sooo cool it gets it's very own post. 
Let's check it out!
I wanted a big anchor piece for the project that shall not be named...

I inked my prancing deer with gathering twigs then sprinkled some vintage photo distress embossing powder.  They look amazing like this.  Then I off set them so you could see both.

I used the holly, beaded and snowflake garland to attach the deer and sleigh.  Then attached a couple of mirrored stars on the sleigh.

I attached 2 sleighs with these little craft wooden blocks I have.  The deer have them too so spacing is perfect.

I cut 3 movers and shapers mini retro packages added some paper, distress glitter and glossy accents.  Then I tucked in some holiday greens and tattered pinecone.

I cut an extra bow from the mini retro packages for the rear.  I added some mini holly leaves and red jingle berries.  Festive!

I have been holding onto this enamel tag since last winter from when I did my "Lab" room makeover!  Just for something like this.

I crackled the prancing deer antlers then attached these small jingles.  I don't know...they just needed to be there!

I am happy this darn sleigh is done after about 6 weeks of planning it.  Hard to build it when you don't have the dies yet.  Stupid waiting!

Well, I do hope you like my top secret post. one can know!
Thanks for wandering over and making sure no one followed you.  Watch for the full post next week
Challenges are fun...and challenging.  Stretch your creativity and try some.
Inspiration Journal- Happy Holidays
Artistic Stamper- Christmas is Coming
Happy Turkey Day to all my American Peeps!
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  1. Wow Nicole, this is absolutely stunning .... it has to be the most beautiful decoration I have seen so far for Christmas... I love it all! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Journal, it is a truly gorgeous creation! Anne xx

    1. I cannot wait to see what you make! I know it will be amazing and put mine to shame. Thank you Anne for leaving your kind comment on my Facebook. Really lovely of you. Thank you for supporting me :)

  2. I really like your piece Nicole, but I do feel you should give credit to Emma Williams for this. I saw you had commented on her blog. I think you are very creative please just give credit to others who inspire you. I say this with total respect and I hope you are honest enough to let this be published. Best wishes to you.

    1. I have up dated my post as you have reminded me. As I mentioned I do my best to remember to link where I see inspiration and at times I miss the mark. A kind reminder would have been appreciated.

    2. Christian C - what you don't appear to appreciate is that with many of these dies coming out recently those of us on Design Teams are all creating projects at the same time (and out of your view) to inspire everyone else out there. As a result there are bound to be overlaps in ideas which are completely unplanned and unintentional. I happen to know that Nicole has been incredibly busy behind the scenes over the past couple of months creating a huge number of seasonal projects and she is generous enough not only to share them but also the tutorials that help others to reproduce their own versions. To insinuate that she has 'stolen' Emma's work is quite frankly nasty, even if you 'say it with total respect'. Please think before you start casting aspersions about someone as it is incredibly hurtful and I am absolutely positive that Nicole would never claim ideas as her own without them being just that.

    3. That is so very kind of you to say Jenny. Thank you.

  3. Gorgeous Nicole, adore how,you have used the dies and I love the texture on the Reindeers. Fabulous ornament . Tracy x

  4. I love this Nicole. You've put so many clever ideas and details into this - jingle bell berries! love them! - and really shown how these dies can work. Thanks for inspiring and sharing, again. Jenny xxx

  5. I agree with you Nicole, these dies are a marriage made in Heaven and I am sure we will see many versions with them before the Festive season is over. Adore your colour choice , the detail on your antlers is so realistic and your bells are a cute addition. Also the snow falling on your blog is brilliant and such fun.
    Julie x

    1. All those versions are the best part. :)

  6. Awesome!!! Way fabulous! As crafters inspiration is always around us and we soak it up like sponges not always remembering where it came from originally. We are also so like minded in many ways and that is why we do what we do and love what we love and share what we share. I too thought of something very similar to this when I first saw the dies come's only natural to think of Santas sleigh with reindeer automatically. And if you didn't have those thoughts and gained inspiration from another, then of course credit should always be cited, but if it's your original thought then by all means roll with it. It a small blogging crafting world we live in, and it is truly the most special place I visit, and I love it and love seeing projects of all kinds different and similar. United together is what makes it even more special. Let's all share the love!!!

    1. I agree completely Anita. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I know we all face this on your creative journey. We are all a small family and I am always delighted to support my family. I wonder if at times people get tired of me sending them here, there and everywhere. Hehe...

  7. You are rock Nicole! This piece is awesomwe as Always! you are a wonderful crafter and I love everything you create! Thanks for sharing, you are Always inspirational for me!

    Here in Italy we say "Do not you care about them, but look and go!" I hope that also translated into English makes you understand what I think, and that is, you go on as usual with no worries!

    Here in Italy we say "Do not you care about them, but look and go!" I hope that also translated into English makes you understand what I think, and that is, you go on as usual with no worries!

    Nicole you are rock! You are a great crafter and your blog is always an inspiration for me!

    Here in Italy we say "Do not you care about them, but look and go!" I hope that also translated into English makes you understand what I think, and that is, you go on as usual with no worries!

    Nicole you are rock! You are a great crafter, everyone of us take inspiration from the web, Pinterest and the others bloggers! So, everyone reworks the idea and changes it, as you want! This is normal and it is so obvious! Here in Italy we say "You don't care about them, but look and go!" I hope that also translated into English makes you understand what I think, and so you go on as usual with no worries! BArbarayaya

  8. This is adorable.
    I love all the detail and the "25". I would have saved it as well ;)

  9. you are right Nicole, these dies are perfect together! I love what you have done with them. It is fun to see what everyone is making with them too. Thanks for sharing yours with us at Inspiration Journal! =)

  10. Let me first say that this creation is beautifully detailed and carries the "Nicole Signature". Like all crafters, she is a talented artist and those of like minded creativity will recognize the similarities between the many creations that are being presented by all the crafters. I know how dedicated Nicole is to her work and how hard she networks not only for herself, but to inspire and share the work of other talented Crafters. The Reindeer and Sled combination was adopted in Christmas Folklore ( as per Wikipedia) and has been a part of the Holiday Celebration probably long before modern day crafting. To attach credit to any one crafter would be difficult. However, this being said, I commend you Nicole for having the integrity to post the "Disrespectful" comment left by Christine C. It was condescending and hurtful.

    May you continue to inspire and bring joy to Crafters and Bloggers all over the world. We are lucky to have someone as honest and Positive as you are in our lives.


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